Dance & Costume

Dance petticoats, tutus, and ruffled pettipants


  • Short and lightweight petticoats covering to upper thigh or mid thigh, and in multiple weights of chiffon, with the ability to do alternating color bindings, such as black and red. 
  • Longer vintage-style petticoats in knee and tea length, in organdy, chiffon, and net crinoline styles 
  • Knee and tea length petticoats in chiffon and krystaline with lace trim on bottom, for a fun skirt extension


  • 5-layer tutus in multiple colors, with the ability to combine colors, such as blue and white alternating with each other. 
  • Princess style two layer tutus in chiffon, perfect for children, ballet recitals, and fun runs
  • Poofy tutus with binding 

Ruffled Pettipants

  • Pettipants come in cotton or nylon and in lengths from crotch to ankle length
  • Come in adult and children’s sizes. 
  • Can alternate colors of base fabric and lace trim